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How do you collect the equipment to be recycled?
What e-waste does PC Gone accept?
Can you help pickup my e-waste?
How do you destroy data?

E-Waste Disposal

What is Electronic Waste (E-Waste)?
Why should I recycle when I can just throw it in the trash?

Q & A

How do you collect the equipment to be recycled?

PC Gone provides on-site collection services to our customers.  We will provide you a manifest document for equipment disposal, to help you keep track of equipment as it is being collected.  

What E-Waste does PC Gone accept?

Data can be destroyed in a variety of ways:

Can you help pickup my e-waste?

A date / time is coordinated with our customers for pick-up depending on the amount / weight of e-waste needed to be disposed. We ask that the equipment be made easily accessible by our staff and clearly labeled for disposal.

How do you destroy data?

We accept a wide variety of e-waste: if you have something not listed below, please don't hesitate to ask us!

Computer Appliances

  • Routers / Hubs / Switches
  • Servers / Server Racks
  • Keyboards / Mice
  • Cell Phones
  • Laptops
  • Desktops
  • Tablets
  • Adapters

Home Electronics

  • Cable / Satellite Boxes
  • LCD / LED Monitors
  • VCRs / DVD Players
  • Stereos / Speakers
  • Dishes / Receivers
  • Remote Controls
  • Blu-Ray Players
  • Typewriters

Miscellaneous Electronics

  • ALL Cords / Cables / Wiring
  • Landline / VoIP Phones
  • Any Type of Batteries
  • Printers / Scanners
  • Inkjet Cartridges
  • Copy Machines
  • Fax Machines
  • POS Equipment

What is Electronic Waste (E-Waste)?

E-waste is defined as unwanted or end of life electronics or electrical devices and their parts. This includes, but is not limited to, computing equipment, network equipment, cabling, peripheral devices, and more. If it has a battery or uses a power cord, it is considered e-Waste and should be recycled.

Why should I recycle when I can just throw it in the trash?